We are pleased to offer the Tanzania Field School in Summer, 2024.  Dates are June 12 - July 22, 2024. The application deadline is March 24, 2024.

About the Field School

During this intensive field course students will learn the fundamentals of geological processes and develop skills in fossil and archaeological exploration through first-hand field experience. The course will emphasize field observations, data recording and interpretation with the goal of understanding physical and biological processes of site formation and human evolution. Students will have the opportunity to conduct field experiments such as measuring stratigraphic sections, stone knapping and bone taphonomy. Students will work closely with the instructors and prominent scientists currently doing research at the Olduvai site to develop and carry out independent research projects.




Dates: June 12 - July 22, 2024.
This 6-week course fulfills the IU GenEd World Languages and Cultures International Experience requirement. Students will study the impressive fault escarpment that marks the western boundary of the East Africa Rift Zone as well as understand the implication of the continental rifting and associated volcanism to evolution of early humans in East Africa.



Sites include archaeological sequences in Olduvai Gorge, Laetoli, Ngorongoro volcanic highlands and rift escarpments. Students will visit nearby paleoathropological sites at Laetoli (3.5 million years old hominin footprint site) and Peninj that provide an important contrast to those studied in the Olduvai sites.


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Field instruction will also take students to Serengeti National Park where its diverse savanna ecosystem provides important modern analogs for understanding the Plio-Pleistocene evolution of African vertebrates (including hominins) as well as evolution of grass plains.

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